Procurement Contacts

If you are interested in supplying materials or services to Basin Electric call one of the contacts below to introduce your company, or email Our staff will advise on how to best communicate your companies capabilities to Basin Electric. Please do not make a visit to our office without a prearranged appointment.

Jon Klein

Jon Klein

Vice president of procurement

Employed with Basin Electric since 2007; M.B.A., North Dakota State University, Fargo; B.S. Business Management, University of Mary, Bismarck, ND; ND Army National Guard, 1987-1995; Army Achievement Medal for Meritorious Service, 1992.

Eric Bachmeier

HDQ - purchasing, industrial supplies, shop equipment

Kristi Blumhagen

Phone: 701.557.5575

HDQ - contracts, Pioneer Generation Station, equipment rental, cranes

Lori Bruner

Phone: 701.557.5313

HDQ - purchasing

Sheila Brunner

HDQ - purchasing, instrumentation, controls, PSV's

Kent Doll

Email: Kent Doll

HDQ - purchasing, insulation, sootblowers, auto parts

Jon Dronen

Phone: 701.873.6547

DGC - contracts for Dakota Gasification Co, mercury control systems, CO2 pipeline

Craig Hanson

Phone: 701.557.5561

HDQ - contracts, gas turbine, generators

JoAnn Hubbard

LRS - purchasing Laramie River Station

Nathan Johnson

Phone: 701.557.5498

HDQ - contracts, logistics, freight

Jesse Jordan

Phone: 701.557.5596

HDQ - contracts, generators, heaters, turbine maintenance

Shannon Julson

Phone: 701.557.5566

HDQ - Manager of Contracts

Lindsay Kostelecky

Phone: 701.557.5582

HDQ - contracts, Urea Project

Chris Kurle

Phone: 701.557.5601

HDQ - Manager of Purchasing

Adele Leingang

HDQ - purchasing, electrical, and transmission

Annie Masset

Phone: 701.557.5568

HDQ - contracts, maintenance services

Mark Michelson

HDQ - purchasing, pumps, conveyors, boiler parts

Lynell Renner

Phone: 701.873.6532

DGC - purchasing Dakota Gasification Co

Nick Roemmich

Phone: 701.557.5427

HDQ - contracts, HVAC, scrubbers, scaffold, vehicles

Paul Schable

Phone: 701.557.5343

HDQ - contracts, building & grounds maintenance, wind services, elevators, pest control

Justin Schmidt

Phone: 701.557.5646

HDQ - contracts, steel fabrication, earthwork, concrete, road maintenance, roof repair

Mike Seefeld

Phone: 701.557.5723

HDQ - contracts, UREA project

Laura Skager

Phone: 701.557.5321

HDQ - contracts, HDQ building expansion, maintenance services

Shirley Tavis

Phone: 701.745.7279

LOS - purchasing Leland Olds Station

Thomas Wanner

HDQ - purchasing, pipe, valves & fittings

Jodi Zander


Phone: 701-557-5113

HDQ - purchasing, heat exchangers, chemicals, motors