Deer Creek Station

Deer Creek Station

Type: Intermediate

Fuel: Natural Gas

Location: Elkton, SD

Output: 300 megawatts

Located in Brookings County near Elkton, SD, Deer Creek Station is a 300-net megawatt capacity combined-cycle power plant. The $405-million Deer Creek Station began commercial operation in 2012. There are 28 full-time employees at the plant.

The power plant uses natural gas delivered via the Northern Border Pipeline and a new 14-mile underground pipeline to the plant. The gas is purchased from Dakota Gasification Company.

Deer Creek is connected to the electric grid by less than one mile of new 345-kilovolt transmission line. The plant features two turbine-generator sets: one turbine fired by natural gas; the other is driven by steam. Both of the turbines are connected to generators.

Major equipment at the plant includes a combustion turbine fueled by natural gas; a heat recovery steam generator; a steam turbine driven by steam created from the heat of the gas turbine's exhaust; and an air-cooled condenser to cool and convert steam to water for re-use.

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