Organizational change centralizes Basin Electric security and compliance functions

The new Security and Compliance department is filling several positions.

Basin Electric is staffing a department to centralize security and compliance.

Daniel Graham, chief security and compliance officer, began work Jan. 6. Read more on Graham: New chief security/compliance officer hired at Basin Electric.

The new Security and Compliance department is filling several positions.  Most recently, Jim C. Sheldon, security operations center manager, filled a key position in the department. Sheldon is in charge of security, design, implementation, and maintenance to secure operational cyber systems. Additionally, Dave Rudolph, manager of NERC compliance, and Gene Giesen, manager of physical security, and their respective teams transferred to the Security and Compliance department.

“Bringing these functions together will help us to coordinate to make security and compliance more effective, efficient, and agile. Being agile is critical in the quickly changing security world, and being effective and efficient can make it easier to help Basin Electric employees to be secure and compliant,” Graham said. “The security and compliance team and I look forward to working with you to keep us secure and compliant.”

Graham said he looks forward to a CIP compliance project administrator and four security operations administrators joining the team soon. 

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