Energy-Producing States Coalition

Energy Summit

It’s time to chat about states’ rights, proper timing and best practices with carbon regulation.

That’s the message a large group of state environmental officials and electric industry representatives want to send to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The Energy-Producing States Coalition is addressing the core issues via a letter to the White House’s Office of Management and Budget. North Dakota has a leading role in the coalition, with help from Basin Electric.

To view information from the state sessions, go to See a letter sent by the Energy-Producing States Coalition to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget on May 23, 2014: Energy-Producing States letter to OMB

On this page, find documents shared during the Energy-Producing States Summit, held April 16-17, 2014, at Bismarck (ND) State College’s (BSC) National Energy Center of Excellence.

Industry Session Materials

Energy State Coalition Goals (download PDF)

Industry Core Issues - post vote handout (download PDF)

Industry Reps Attendees handout (download PDF)

State Officials Attendees (download PDF)

CAA Section 111(h) as an option to Section 111(d) presentation (this PowerPoint was converted to a PDF)

Energy Summit Industry Position Papers

Summary of Industry Positions Received

American Electric Power

Dairyland Power Cooperative

Great River Energy position

Great River Energy resolution

Gulf Coast Lignite

Hoosier Energy Rural Electric Cooperative

Minnkota Power Cooperative

Missouri River Energy Services

Montana-Dakota Utilities

National Association of Regulatory Commissioners

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

Otter Tail Power Company


PPL Montana

PPL Montana - whitepaper from the Coalition for Innovative Climate Solutions

Southeastern Association of Regulatory Commissioners

Southern Company

Southern States Energy Board

Tri-State G&T

Western Farmers Electric Co-op

Xcel Energy

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