Medora Musical

Medora Musical

The Burning Hills Singers light up the stage at Medora thanks to the help of Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives.

Basin Electric, along with regional Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, sponsor the Medora Musical's Burning Hills Singers.

Well renowned for its rugged beauty and its affiliation with former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, Medora has become a tourist attraction for many.

The Medora Musical boasts a strong history dating back 50 years. Tourists from every state in the union and foreign countries travel to see the two-hour professionally produced musical variety show in Medora's outdoor Burning Hills Amphitheater.

The Burning Hills Singers are talented performing artists who have professional singing, dancing and clogging expertise. Many of them hail from rural electric cooperative-served communities in addition to those who come from other areas of America.

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