Brave the Shave

Brave the Shave at Highland Acres
Brave the Shave for Kids with Cancer Logo

Basin Electric’s Brave the Shave campaign started as a simple goal to raise $10,000 and shave five heads to support kids fighting cancer has exploded into a money-raising, hair-shaving frenzy with national awards for our events and tremendous media attention. In the past 10 years, participants have raised an astounding $2.7 million+ and nearly 2,500 people have shaved.

Our event is now a multi-state campaign. Sister organizations, community partners, citizens, and honorees and their families have grown this event into one of St. Baldrick’s top events. We’ve been honored to meet many beautiful kids and become friends with their families. We’ve seen success stories and witnessed heartbreaking news. Each year we honor those beautiful faces.

Will you help us accomplish our mission? Are you willing to brave the shave, sponsor someone, volunteer, cut your hair or donate other items? Come on … we think you should.

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