Hall of Fame

Basin Electric Power Cooperative has a proud history of serving its membership through innovative energy solutions that bolster and sustain local and regional economies and enhance community life in rural towns and cities. To honor those who have made significant contributions to rural electrics and communities, Basin Electric periodically bestows its Cooperative Spirit Award and Cornerstone Award on individuals who have made outstanding contributions to rural electric cooperatives.

Cornerstone Award

The Cornerstone Award is Basin Electric's highest award. It honors an individual whose leadership and outstanding service to electric cooperatives has been a "cornerstone" for Basin Electric, its member systems, and the rural Americans they serve.

The award will be given only to individuals truly deserving significant recognition and, as such, the award may not be presented every year.

Award recipients will be current or past leaders in, or supporters of, the cooperative movement.

The recipient's leadership, personal commitment, vision and business endeavors will be both distinguished and extraordinary and will have made a difference in the lives of the rural Americans, Basin Electric and its member systems served.

Cooperative Spirit Award

This award is given for significant services performed by the recipient to Basin Electric and its membership. It is envisioned that honorees will be recognized for having been diligent in all aspects of their electric cooperative-related careers and created value and success for the cooperatives they work with/for through consistent good work. This award typically focuses on the recipient's years of excellent performance, commitment and service to Basin Electric and its member systems.

The Cooperative Spirit Award may be given to more than one person annually. The recipient may be a recent retiree, manager or director from Basin Electric, a member system, or another related organization. This award recognizes the recipient's outstanding performance and support for innovative and effective cooperative programs. Leadership, effectiveness and extent of impact shall be considered important factors in judging this award.